Dennis Rodman is Dropping a Colorful First NFT Collection Titled “Rodman’s Barbershop”

Rodman partnered with Jeff Hood and Sophie Watts of NFT studio Metacurio to create a series of 5,000+ NFTs honoring Rodman’s proclivity for sporting bright-colored hairstyles. The premier collection will feature illustrated silhouettes of Rodman with varying hair colors and styles, mimicking his own signature game-day looks over the years.

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Dennis Rodman NFTs Are Coming—And Yes, They Will Feature Colorful Hair

One of the most well-known and controversial NBA players of all time is launching a non-fungible token collection that will focus on something he is known for: wild and ever-changing hair color.

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Dennis Rodman Is Turning His Iconic Hair Styles Into A New NFT Collection

The ‘Rodman’s barbershop’ NFT collection is dropping on 11 April 2022. The former NBA champion is set to release his NFT collection, featuring his iconic game day hairstyles in 5,000+ colorful pieces. Next week, fans will be able to get a Dennis Rodman NFT on OpenSea at approximately $175 each.

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