Milestone 1: Launch Rodman’s Barbershop

Join the Discord, follow us on Twitter, and connect on Instagram for more info!

Milestone 2: Mint on OpenSea

Come join the barbershop with OpenSea's third ever on-platform mint. Check out Rodman's Barbershop on the home page of OpenSea to join Dennis in the metaverse today.

Milestone 3: Haircuts Revealed

72 hours after the collection sells out, all Dennis Rodman Barbershop NFTs will reveal

Milestone 4: Airdrops and Merchandise

All Barbershop NFT holders will receive premium airdrops and exclusive merchandise this calendar year.

Milestone 5: Rodman’s Barbershop IRL

1 lucky NFT holder will be chosen at random and will have the opportunity to participate in the first-person IRL Rodman’s Barbershop activation. Select Rodman NFT holders will receive exclusive Barbershop merch and signed Rodman gear.

Milestone 6: Rodman’s Barbershop Metaverse

Join Dennis and the barbershop in the metaverse. Exclusive galleries, parties, games and premieres featuring all barbershop collectors and Dennis Rodman superfans!